Swimming lessons take place at Cheadle Baths and are a compulsory part of the National Curriculum.

The staff at Cheadle Baths are fully trained and qualified and you are assured that your child will be in good hands.

For safety reasons, Cheadle Baths have strict kit rules:-

  • Girls must wear a one piece swim suit
  • Boys must wear swimming trunks, not shorts
  • All long hair must be secured beneath a swimming cap
  • Goggles are not to be taken, unless a letter has been sent to school stating good medical reasons
  • Earrings and other jewellery are not allowed in the pool

Please ensure that your child brings with them the appropriate kit and a towel.

Cheadle Baths allows children to swim with verrucas and athlete`s foot. These should not prevent your child from swimming.

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