Home Learning

All children like to share their learning from school at home, children go through periods of enjoying additional learning at home or on other occasions be more reluctant or refuse to start/complete activities, this is normal.

At Meadowbank we like the children to read everyday, practise their spellings and timetables.

These tips may help:-

  • Create a calm environment, TV and music can be a distraction
  • Hungry or tired children will not produce their best work, maybe a snack and a small break to do a short activity they enjoy straight from school will get them ready
  • Talk through the task/s with your child, do they understand what they need to do?
  • Check they have everything they need, computer, paper, pens etc
  • Don't be tempted to do the work for them. Your child's class teacher will need to see what the child is able to do, to be able to support them in school. Children learn from their mistakes
  • Ask the class teacher for more information if your child is struggling
  • Offer encouraging words and praise effort not just end results

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