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‘Our education system has to prepare children for a world we cannot imagine’ (Dylan Wiliam 2013). Meadowbank’s curriculum is unique and begins with the needs of the learner.  Our inclusive approach ensures that all children grow as independent and confident individuals who will be successful lifelong learners. All have high aspirations of themselves and what they can achieve in a rapidly evolving world. They will be leaders of change.


The curriculum is designed to be relevant, meaningful and personalised to meet the needs of our children and will provide them with memorable experiences and rich opportunities from which they can use their knowledge, skills and understanding to make connections between their ideas and learning and use these in real life situations. ‘Big ideas show the connectivity of the curriculum and are about experiences’ (Dylan Wiliam 2013).


Our curriculum is developed from a belief that it is ‘the quality of the journey rather than the speed in which the destination is reached’ (Elliot Eisner 2013) which results in deep learning. Within a rich and innovative environment, learning provides challenge and enjoyment, progression and depth; with all children consistently making excellent progress with high levels of achievement in all aspects of life, recognising children’s ever growing potential. Our children think that ‘Meadowbank is special because we can learn about what we are really interested in’.


Through our curriculum, Meadowbank’s children are empowered to make informed decisions and will know how to make a positive contribution to their school, local environment and wider community. Our children say that ‘decision making is up to the children by letting their voices be heard.’  The skills of reflection and an enhanced understanding of the beliefs and values of others will support children in appreciating that there is more than one way to see the world and respect everyone’s contribution. ‘Education is something more than schooling’ (What is curriculum 2000).


At Meadowbank teachers are role models of lifelong learning through collaboration and pedagogical research, with our partners across the Education Learning Trust and other local schools, we support the growth of all adults at every level which accelerates the progress and outcomes for children and creates a successful teaching and learning culture that leaves a lasting legacy.


‘Make it matter’ – (Debra Kidd 2018)


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