As Leaders of Change…

“We change things for the future so the world is a better place for everyone.

We make a difference to improve lives for all”. 

Children’s Leadership Team


Learning Journey

“A good curriculum reflects the needs of the individual and society as a whole.”


Our curriculum at Meadowbank is planned collaboratively between the children and the teaching team and is unique to our school and the community.  Children are taught the skills to access, process and express their knowledge within a learning environment where independence and thinking skills are developed.  We follow a clear, coherent and well-sequenced curriculum that the children deserve.  


Our teaching builds on prior knowledge; is progressive as children move and grow through the school; personalised to the individual needs of the children; shows connectivity across subjects and challenges and stimulates the children.


A long term thematic curriculum plan is developed collaboratively between the children and teaching team within each year group in preparation for the new academic year.  There is a strong emphasis on developing core skills in English, Oracy, Maths and Computing through a variety of opportunities and whenever possible planning is cross-curricular, recognising connections between areas of learning and taking into account the role teaching has in promoting the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Each year group then has a ‘live’ half termly curriculum map within their Curriculum Planning Journal which the children contribute to and have shared ownership of their learning.  Children are encouraged to pose questions and be researchers to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills.


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