We would like to offer you a warm welcome to Meadowbank Primary School.


We know that some of you are families who are well known to us with children already attending our school and offer a renewed welcome to each of you. To those who are new to Meadowbank, we wish to say that we are very much looking forward to getting to know you and your family and we are pleased to say that our partnership begins today.


At Meadowbank learning is recognised as an adventure for all and we aspire that each adult and child achieve our vision to Flourish and Inspire others, a vision that the children designed themselves. Our children collaborate with their adults to plan their learning journey which not only meets the expectations of the National Curriculum but also follows interests and a love of new knowledge. We are very pleased that this is the learning approach that you have chosen for your child.


As your child begins school and you get to know us better, you will be able to see how our teachers empower children to live our Mission in school every day, for each child to be a Lifelong Learner, a Leader of Change and to have a Lasting Legacy for those who follow behind them. We understand that they are the true leaders of our school and we support their talents and ambitions.


We value highly our partnerships with parents and carers and appreciate the shared role that we have in supporting children to achieve and truly flourish. We understand the importance for home and school to have a shared view of children's learning experiences. Therefore, through our partnership we will help you to see that at Meadowbank each child is recognised as an individual and their journey with us is bespoke to their uniqueness.



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