School Leadership Team

Mrs J. Appleton Headteacher  
Miss K. Carrington

Deputy Headteacher / Teaching & Learning Leader

Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs K. Jenkins

Assistant Headteacher/Deputy Safeguarding Leader

Lower Key Stage 2 Leader

Miss V. Megram Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO)  
Mrs C. Ball

Key Stage 1 Leader

Progress and Assessment Leader

Mrs S. Cawley

Upper Key Stage 2 Leader

Coaching Leader


SEN Provision Base - Meadow Room

Mrs R. Peacock    

Foundation Stage Team

Miss C. Walsh FS1  
Miss K. Carrington FS2  
Mrs J, Gudger FS2  
Miss J. Gill FS2  

Key Stage One Team

Mrs E. Adshead Year 1  
Mrs C. Ball Year  1  
Mrs K. Green Year 1  
Miss C. Chipchase Year 2  
Miss C. Selby Year 2  

Lower Key Stage Two Team

Mrs N. Fox Year 3  
Miss V. Megram Year 3  
Mrs K. Jenkins Year 3  
Miss O. Cross Year 3  
Miss S. Timmons Year 4  
Miss S. Davenport Year 4  

Upper Key Stage Two Team

Mrs N. Moffat Year 5  
Mr A. Openshaw Year 5  
Mrs S. Taylor-Duffy Year 6  
Mrs S. Cawley Year 6    

Learning Support Team

Mrs C. Allen Miss V. Lamb  
Mrs E. Baguley Mrs S. Li  
Miss J. Brown Mrs L. Prinn  
Miss V. Carre Mrs S. Yates  
Miss H. Cawley Mrs M. Robinson  
Mrs R. Exley Miss B. Smith  
Mrs R. Fowell Mrs S.Senior (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)  
Miss J. Frain Mrs N.Taylor  
Mrs J, Hollings Miss S. Vandenburg  
Mrs A. Howard Mrs P. Vickers  
Mrs C. Galligan  Miss D. Crowther  

Pastoral & Safeguarding Team

Mrs J. Appleton  Safeguarding Lead  
Mrs K. Jenkins Deputy Safeguarding Lead  

Administration Team

Mrs C. Tisdall Administration Manager  
Miss C. Graham School Secretary  

Mid-Day Team

Miss J. Frain Senior Midday Supervisor  
Mrs C. Allen    
Mrs E. Baguley    
Miss P. Holland    
Mrs J. Hollings    
Miss J. Hope    
Mrs S. Maroof    
Mrs K. Mitchell    
Mrs H. Norris      
Mrs K. Pierce    
Mrs K. Pexton    
Miss C. Thomas    
Miss J. Whitfield    
Mrs S. Yates    

Catering Team

Ms N. Spence    
Ms A. Howarth-Whipp    
Ms J. Donaghue    
Ms N. Bonsall    

Breakfast Club Team

Miss J. Frain Breakfast Club Manager  
Miss J. Hope
Mrs K. Pierce
Ms M. Robinson    

The Lodge - After School Club Team

Mrs K. Mitchell Play Leader  
Mrs H. Norris    
Miss J. Frain    
Mrs K Pierce    
Miss J Hope    

Site Management Team

Mr M. Cunningham Facilities Manager  
Essential Hygiene    


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