Helping your child to be Ready To Learn Every day!

What helps children to succeed at school:

Talking and listening:

It is really important to talk to your child and to listen to them. Finding time for both can be so difficult with busy lives!

  • Set aside time for talking—without being interrupted by phones, TV, radio, computer etc!
  • Tell them about your day and encourage them to tell you about theirs.
  • Don’t interrupt your child, be patient and allow them time to speak.
  • Ask your child for their opinions and value what they say.

Spending time together:

You can help your child if you:

  • Share books and games in a quiet environment—not in front of the TV!
  • As a family, play games together that encourage concentration e.g. jigsaws and board games.
  • Encourage physical play and exercise by taking a trip to the park or the local leisure centre.
  • Give lots of hugs and praise.

Being prepared:

  • Check your child has their name in everything they bring to school.
  • Make sure your child remembers to bring everything they need each day-reading book, PE kit, homework.
  • Keep in contact with school and let them know if you change phone numbers or addresses.
  • If you have any concerns  about your child’s wellbeing, tell school as soon as possible so they can help to find solutions to any problems.

Working out a family routine:

  • Children like routine so try to have regular times for going to bed and getting up, mealtimes and family times.
  • Make sure they have a healthy breakfast at home or at school’s Breakfast club.
  • Have a regular meal together in the evening.
  • Try to make time for homework, reading and talking together and for bedtime stories.

Getting enough sleep:

  • Children need sleep to develop, to concentrate in school and to learn well.
  • Under fives need up to 15 hours, primary children about 10 hours and even older children still need 9 hours.
  • Too many late bedtimes can make it hard for children to learn.
  • A good night’s rest will help your child feel happy all day long.

Behaving well:

  • Agree clear and realistic rules and stick to them!
  • Encourage your child to always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and not to interrupt you or others when you are talking.
  • Support school rules and encourage your child to follow these.
  • Ask for help if your child’s behaviour is proving difficult at home.

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