The Children's Leadership Team has been formed by children who have applied for the position. Children have all worked hard on a challenging interview process where they have written excellent applications and have been interviewed by the team from the previous year and the Deputy Headteacher Miss Carrington.

The Children's Leadership Team help the adults in school to make decisions about teaching and learning in school. They share ideas about how they like to learn and also what they like to learn. They meet on a regular basis and minutes from each meeting are taken by the children and are circulated to classes, the teaching team and key developments are presented during assemblies.

Children's insights of teaching and learning feed into the School Development Plan and are acted upon by adults in school. The Children's Leadership Team also have the opportunity to share ideas and views on learning with pupils from other schools and gain new ideas to bring back to Meadowbank!

The Children's Leadership Team have their own action plan that links to the section in the School Development Plan and are very excited about making a difference and 'contributing to the wider success of their school'. They have been on various learning walks with the Senior Leadership Team and have presented to Governors.They are passionate about making sure that through the work they do, that we all 'Flourish and Inspire'. 

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