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Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment 2021

% of children achieving National Standard in Reading 83% (National 73%*)

% of children achieving Higher Standard in Reading 33% (National 27%*)

% of children achieving National Standard in Writing 81% (National 78%*)

% of children achieving Higher Standard in Writing 30% (National 20%*)

% of children achieving National Standard in Grammar 86% (National 78%*)

% of children achieving Higher Standard in Grammar 60% (National 36%*)

% of children achieving National Standard in Maths 80% (National 79%*)

% of children achieving Higher Standard in Maths 33% (National 27%*)

Average progress KS1 - KS2 in Reading +1.73 (National 0*)

Average progress KS1 - KS2 in Writing +0.11 (National 0*)

Average progress KS1 - KS2 in Maths +1.12 (National 0*)

*National 2019 results

In 2020 and 2021 KS2 SATs did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to assess the progress children had made, the impact of the re-engage and reconnect curriculum and identify the gaps still to be closed, the children in Year 6 completed past SATS test papers during an assessment week in the Summer Term. A further aim of this work was to give the best reflection of their attainment on transition to secondary school, recognising that there had been periods of disruption in the previous two academic years. In order to ensure the validity of data collected, including teacher assessments and test scores, a robust moderation process took place involving other primary and secondary schools in the Education Learning Trust, internal and external English and Maths SLEs. This process utilised the training and experiences of previous local authority moderators and mirrored previous statutory moderation processes; including test paper analysis and moderation of children’s work.

Key Stage 2  Assessment Results 2019 

% of children achieving National Standard in Reading 67% (National 73%*)

% of children achieving Higher Standard in Reading 27% (National 27%*)

% of children achieving National Standard in Writing 78% (National 78%*)

% of children achieving Higher Standard in Writing 27% (National 20%*)

% of children achieving National Standard in Grammar 80% (National 78%*)

% of children achieving Higher Standard in Grammar 49% (National 36%*)

% of children achieving National Standard in Maths 73% (National 79%*)

% of children achieving Higher Standard in Maths 35% (National 27%*)

Average progress KS1 - KS2 in Reading -1.0 (National 0*)

Average progress KS1 - KS2 in Writing -0.5 (National 0*)

Average progress KS1 - KS2 in Maths -1.04 (National 0*)

These performance measures are not current. 


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