Computing and E-Safety

We are committed to providing our pupils with the tools that they will need as learners and in their future workplaces.  We strive to continually adapt our resources to keep up to date with current technology. We have a multimedia resources centre in school alongside wireless access to laptops and iPads in our classrooms.

Online Safety

Technology is part of everyday life, children can be very tech savvy but are very innocent to the potential dangers. We shouldn't be afraid to allow our children to be online, they can access a wide variety of information and chat with friends.

Some top tips for keeping children safe:-

  • Where possible, access to online material should be in a communal area to allow ease of monitoring what the children are looking at
  • Find out and activate parental controls on all home computers and laptops
  • Talk to your child about online safety, not sharing personal information about themselves or others or sharing passwords
  • Let them know they can tell you about anything they see online which concerns them, for example images or messages
  • Follow guidelines laid out by social media companies, age limits are there for a reason
  • Technology changes constantly, keep yourself updated
  • Limit computer time, fresh air and physical activities are also important to your child's development
  • Report any concerns you have to school or the police

Below are some websites that you may find useful on keeping safe on the internet are listed below

ICT Mark Assessment Report

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