Parking and Safety

Our children’s safety is of paramount importance and our school is located on the corner of a busy road. Therefore, it is essential that being aware and promoting safe practices is the role of all of our families and community. By working together we can keep everyone safe, especially at the busy start and end of the school day:-

Breakfast club

Visiting school

Dropping children off and picking them up

Park and Stride.  


Unfortunately, car parking space around school is at a premium.

The large car park accessed from Councillor Lane and the smaller car park off Demmings Road is for school staff and visitors. Taxi cabs, bringing in our provision children from out of area, have permission to use the large car park.

School is very concerned about the safety of our children and parents. We ask that people do not drive into our car parks at the start and end of the school day putting their own and other lives at risk.

We appreciate that families may live too far away from school to be able to walk and some parents need to drive to work. Even if you do walk to school, sometimes you might need to take the car, especially if you are going somewhere after school for example.

The Park & Stride idea is a simple solution to these problems and means that children at least walk some of the way to and from school. Not only is this good for the environment but it counts towards your 30 minutes a day exercise.

  • Parents are encouraged to park a good distance away from the school and walk the last five or ten minutes.
  • They may park in a pub or supermarket car park with the agreement of the owners or just in a quiet side street.
  • Cars are no longer concentrated in one mass outside school, or in the car park, making it safer for all.
  • This scheme can work well both before and after school.

We do ask that you park with care and consideration for pedestrians and our neighbours when parking on other streets please observe all driving and parking regulations for the area.  


Using the school site safely

Keeping everyone safe, when they are on our school site, is very important to us. For that reason we ask that everyone in our school community will help and support us with the following procedures. We want our parents to know that they can come to talk to us, our relationship with you is very important. However we do ask that, at all times, you adhere to our systems for access onto and within the school site. We thank you all for your support with this.

  • At the start of the school day parents can bring their children along the pedestrian path and into the playgrounds. The doors are opened at 8.50am for the children to go into their classes to start their day’s learning. We ask all adults to remain outside. If there is a need to speak to a teacher please go to the school office where a member of our Admin Team will make a convenient appointment for you to speak to the relevant member of staff, usually your child’s class teacher.
  • If children arrive after 8.55am parents should take them straight to The Lodge building located to the left of the play area near the school main office, where they will be registered and taken to class.  All the school doors will be closed as soon as children have gone in and the Site Manager will lock the gates to the pedestrian paths. They will be re-opened just before the end of the school day.
  • If your child goes to our Breakfast Club they can come in via The Lodge building located to the left of the play area near the main school office. Up until 8.30am parents may drive into the small car park, after that time the gates will be locked.
  • Our children are able to attend after school clubs. Please can adults wait for their children outside the school office. The adults running the clubs will bring the children out at the end of the session and will hand them over to their adults.
  • To support our Safeguarding procedures in school, when there is a parental involvement event we will ask you to wait outside the main office. We don’t wish to seem inhospitable but our office is not large enough to act as a waiting space. Our staff will aim to move you into the designated space for the event as quickly as we can.

We hope that these small steps will enable security around a school site as large as ours to be as effective as possible.  If parents have any further ideas on how to improve school security please contact school and let us know. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.


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