Handing Exceptional Closures due to Adverse Weather

Every year we review the plan of action in case we have to close school due to adverse weather conditions such as severe cold or flooding.  We would only ever make the decision to close school in exceptional circumstances and we want to make sure you are all aware of the procedure if this should happen.  

 At the earliest opportunity following a decision to close;

  • A text will be sent out to all parents/carers
  • A notification will be placed on the school website
  • A ‘tweet’ will be placed on the school twitter account.
  • Additionally, the local authority, local radio stations and Manchester Evening news will be informed

 As soon as we know we are able to re-open,  we will inform you in using the same communication procedure.   

To make this plan effective we want to ensure that we have the most up to date mobile numbers for every family so if you have a change of mobile phone number, please let the office know. 

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